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50th Birthday Marathonūüéā

Yesterday, 14th February 2016, was my 50th birthday (also it was my twin brother, Graeme’s 50th birthday-Happy Birthday Graeme!). I love running on my birthday and I had sought out a marathon for the day. That marathon was the Birch Bay Marathon, not too far from home. It’s a low key marathon on a lovely course and takes in all that is beautiful about the Pacific North West. However, yesterday there were no ocean or mountain views, just chilly constant rain but I had a fantastic day. Peter and I travelled over the border on Friday evening and had a weekend away. As always Peter cheered me on from the roadside and had warm clothes for me at the finish.

I ran 4 hours 4 minutes and the second half was 4 minutes quicker than the first. A negative split! Pacing improves with age no doubt! I felt a wee bit tired throughout the event as I hadn’t tapered at all, this being a training run/birthday treat. I was ready for the bonk but it just didn’t happen. I finished feeling just a ¬†bit worse than the start.

All I ate during the 4 hours was 3/4 of¬†a tiny¬†sample-size Cliff Bar (I looked at the wrapper-110 Calories, 17g of carbs). I¬†had 2 or 3 gulps of¬†water at each aid station-no gatorade. This is a¬†large reduction in fuel compared to my previous marathons. Could I now be a fat burning machine?? LOL. I guess my consistent running with moderate mileage¬†for the last 3 or 4 years has had a good training effect.¬†Running long,¬†eating “high fat” and running when fasted are techniques people use to improve fat burning. I enjoy my breakfast far too much to try running fasted and my diet is not “high fat”. My¬†own experience¬†shows me that¬†fat burning¬†for the average runner can be¬†gained by¬†consistency¬†without fasting or eating a lot of fat¬†(regular long runs will inevitably cause glycogen depletion and glycogen depletion is the stimulus for the body to adapt from carbohydrate burning¬†to fat burning)

I enjoyed yesterday enormously and had a fantastic birthday. Roll on the 100 miles :))